Sarpino’s Pizzeria (Canada) growing fast in America

In 2001, Gerry opened the first Sarpino’s restaurant in Victoria, British Columbia. The first overseas location opened in Singapore in 2002, and in 2003, Phoenix, Arizona became home to the first Sarpino’s restaurant in the United States..

During 2003-2004, Sarpino’s Canada opened close to 20 stores in the United States. The products were instant hit with the customers.

In May 2005 Sarpino’s USA took over the franchising in the USA from the Canadian company and became the Franchisor for Sarpino’s Restaurant Franchises and Area Franchises in the United States. The first couple years were spent fine-tuning the business model, improving the in-store technology as well as and developing a field support operations. Most of the original stores are now taking a full advantage of new developments and all new stores are being built using the state of the art design, technology and know-how. The new developments were very successful and wholeheartedly accepted by the franchise community.

After creating the solid foundation at the store level, Sarpino’s USA is now embarking on an aggressive expansion program.

Sarpino’s continue to provide current stores with support, while also focusing its attention towards expanding into new markets. Sarpino’s team is committed to opening 100 restaurants by the end of 2014, and with almost 50 restaurants in 5 different states already successful today, it is easy to see what Sarpino’s trying to achieve.

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