Country of Origin:UAE
Operational Countries: 2
No. of Outlets: 5
Expansion PlanPakistan

All Pascal Tepper French Bakery outlets offer a wide range of in-bakery dining options from breakfast through light lunches (healthy soups, salads and sandwiches) to anytime in-between delicious signature pastries, accompanied by an extensive selection of hot- and cold drinks. Not to mention the option of take-away orders, office deliveries, and catering for personal and/or corporate functions

By design, Pascal Tepper French Bakery outlets offer food connoisseurs authentic, highest quality, fresh-baked pastries, hand-made chocolates, ice creams, hot- and cold drinks, sandwiches and breads in a chic-casual in-bakery dining atmosphere. Local palates are catered for by way of traditional fillings made of homegrown ingredients. The resulting fusion of flavours appeals keenly to the senses, making mouths water by truly tempting the taste buds.

Pascal Tepper French Bakery is an innovative dine-in bakery concept-store, operated on a franchise model. Established in France as a small family-owned and operated business, Pascal Tepper French Bakery is founded on the reputation, technical know-how and experience of Monsieur Pascal Tepper – who was awarded the title Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Worker in France in the Bakery Trade) by the French President in 2000.

The Pascal Tepper French Bakery concept is the inspiration of Monsieur Pascal Tepper-and Pascal Carrichon – a food consultant. By sharing the know-how and experience of Monsieur Pascal Tepper with others, through an innovative and modern franchise concept, these two concept originators aim to promote the excellence and savoir-faire of artisanal French baking throughout the world.

The first Pascal Tepper French Bakery outlet in the Middle East – located in Dubai Media City, Dubai – opened its doors in March 2011. Leveraging his vast experience second Pascal Tepper French Bakery has been established in France (there are two stores in the country); and Monsieur Pascal Tepper has authored recipe books that promote traditional French cuisine, particularly bakery items.

A quest for excellence in the bakery sector, together with the agility and flexibility to adapt the Pascal Tepper French Bakery concept to different market environments, offers the potential for hugely successful business ventures.

Excellence in product quality

  • Affordable menu offerings, through uncompromised value-add
  • An exciting and enticing eating experience for all customers.
  • A sustainable business model, which yields superior financial returns, underpins the Pascal Tepper French Bakery concept.


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