Pakistan loving fatburger as fast food boom

Fatburger, an international Hollywood celebrity-driven brand, has entered into Pakistan’s 200 million consumer market by embarking on a joint venture (JV) with its local operator BIL Foods.

Fatburger, the one-stop destination for delicious burgers, announces the opening of a new location in Karachi. Famous for their grilled-to-order burgers, the iconic burger chain is dedicated to extending their footprint overseas with focus in the Middle East, Asia and North Africa.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, Pakistan welcomes fast food chains with a reception so warm, its bound to make billions of bucks for the owners and vendors. Hence, we are confident Fatburger will garner a positive response exceeding our expectations. Cheers to a hearty food-oriented nation, that enjoys eating as much as everything else,” said BIL Foods Limited CEO Samiullah Mohabbat while talking to Daily Times. “Everything else just seems to take a backseat when there’s a new restaurant in town and we as entrepreneurs and business moguls cash in on that.”

I think it’s fair to say that Pakistan is now home to almost every imaginable conglomerate, experiencing rapid business growth structure with its economy nearly doubling the foreign investments than as compared to 10 years before.

“Fatburger will have its very own flagship outlet in Lahore and not just in the confinement of a mall’s premises. Lahoris are surely in for a treat and I can’t wait to see the response,” said Samiullah.


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