Country of Origin:New Zealand
Operational Countries: 24
No. of Outlets: 650
Expansion PlanPakistan

New Zealand Natural (NZN) is fast becoming one of the world’s leading premium ice cream brands. Available already in more than 24 countries, NZN is most recognizable through it’s growing international network of ice cream retail outlets and parlors, currently numbering in excess of 650. The brand, and its extensive range of premium all-natural ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt flavors is also expanding rapidly into the world’s leading supermarket, hotel, restaurant and catering channels.

We at New Zealand Natural aim to create a fun world of ice cream, but not just any ice cream-premium ice cream, which we sell through our retail franchise system and wholesale distribution network.

Our core product has predominantly been, and will continue to be, scooped ice cream. However, we compliment our ice cream range with refreshing beverages, including Smoothies, Shakes, Juices and Chillos.

At New Zealand Natural we offer more than just an exciting retail franchise opportunity with profit potential. We give you the chance to live the lifestyle and New Zealand dream. You could own a piece of the spirit of New Zealand and share in “Pure Taste Adventures” everyday.

New Zealand Natural caters for lovers of high quality treats and refreshments across all age groups-including the health and weight-conscious. It is not uncommon to see queues several deep of both children and adults eagerly waiting to be served at our parlours. They all have one thing in common-they love our indulgent treats.

New Zealand Natural’s store design and image is an integral part of our success. Our stores are inviting and friendly to customers, complementing the nature and quality of our products and the environment in which our parlours are located.

Unique selling Properties of New Zealand Natural are;

  • The majority of our ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt is manufactured with New Zealand Natural’s own executive recipes from the purest, freshest and finest New Zealand Natural dairy products and ingredients;
  • New Zealand Natural Ice cream, sorbets and frozen yoghurt are seen by many consumers to be the best available from any ice cream parlour.

Our eye-catching store design in combination with these unique selling propositions make New Zealand Natural a winner.

  • Premium quality products
  • A fantastic product Range
  • Great tasting product
  • New Zealand image is a huge selling pointm, helping to promote the purity, freshness or environmentally friendly aspects of a product.

We are always looking for potential market opportunities and seeking to recruit new franchise partners to expand our distribution network and share the joy of our premium ice cream experience.


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