Country of Origin:Canada
Operational Countries: 24
No. of Outlets: 108
Expansion PlanPakistan

Juice Zone is an international award winning franchise and a global leader in the booming healthy fast-casual food industry. Juice Zone offers a wide selection of nutritious foods and healthy drinks which include pure fruit Smoothies, freshly squeezed Juices, fresh-to-go Wraps/Paninis/Sandwiches/Salads, Coffee/Teas, non-fat Frozen Yogurt with waffles & fresh toppings and other “Great Escapes” for a fun twist.

For over a decade, Juice Zone has been bringing consumers around the world dining choices which offer healthy alternatives. Our concept is perfectly in tune with the growing demand for healthy, fresh-made foods. Juice Zone’s mission is to provide its customers with a fresh and healthy alternative to fast food. We aim to make nutrition delicious, quick and convenient, and to provide every customer with an extraordinary health experience unlike any they’ve ever tasted!

Within just a few years Fresh & Healthy Brand Juice Zone has expanded to United States, Europe and Asia. Today, our franchises are in 24 countries. The company’s menus of fresh, healthful food and drinks have captured the imagination and taste buds of millions of people who wish to support their healthy life style with nutritious dining.

In addition to providing delicious and healthful meals for customers, Juice Zone is also dedicated to providing the franchise opportunity for individuals seeking a chance to become successful entrepreneurs.

Our business is the development of well-designed stores that operate efficiently and profitably, and are located at strategic sites with high foot traffic, visibility and easy access. Our stores offer a fun, upbeat ambience, and feature an exceptional menu of highly nutritious drinks and foods.

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