Country of Origin: USA
Category:  Fast Casual/Quick Service Pizza
Operational/signed countries: 04
No. of units operational/signed: 150

Authentically Thin & Light

Flippin’ Pizza is one of the fastest growing, fast casual/better pizza chains in the U.S. Serving authentic, hand-tossed, craveable pies and slices in a fast casual and family-friendly environment.

The concept originated in San Diego in 2007 by a native New Yorker as a response to the lack of high-quality thin-crust pizza in the area. The product quickly distinguished itself from the competition and by 2008 there were 4 stores in San Diego. The current ownership team acquired the brand in that year and since then, Flippin’ Pizza has evolved into an award-winning, international franchise system. There are currently 20 stores open with more scheduled to open, and over 130 committed to globally.

Award-Winning Craveable Pies and Slices

It all starts with the dough. Made fresh daily, with no oil, no sugar, no high-fructose corn syrup and with filtered water to replicate the water back in New York. It is then hand tossed to create a crust that’s authentic, thin and airy. Unlike the big pizza chains that mass-produce their pies through conveyor belt, assembly-line ovens, Flippin’ Pizza bakes its pies are in brick ovens to create a crispy, slightly darker crust that our customers crave.

Their pies consistently win “best pizza” awards in the markets they serve, including mentions in publications such as the Union Tribune in San Diego and the Washington Post and Washingtonian in the DC market. Moreover, in 2009 through 2012 Flippin’ Pizza was named official pizza of the Washington Nationals baseball team and in 2012 the official pizza of the DC United soccer team.

A Booming Market Segment

Pizza is the #1 dinner choice across the USA with 93% of Americans eating pizza at least once per month, according to Pizza Today Magazine. Similarly, kids ages 3 to 11 prefer pizza over all other food groups for lunch and dinner.

 Attractive Unit Level Economics

Flippin’ Pizza’s value proposition includes an attractive economic model, with low startup costs, high sales to investment ratios and margins that provide a high ROI. Flippin’ Pizza stores range from 1,000 to 2,500 square feet, which are value engineered to maintain low buildout costs while offering their customers an attractive fast casual atmosphere.

Flippin’ Pizza Trucks

Unlike other concepts, Flippin’ Pizza offers an additional revenue and profit stream for each restaurant through the use of Flippin’ Pizza Trucks. They have developed and proven this model in several markets and are rolling them out systemwide. Food trucks in general have quickly gained popularity in the past few years.

A franchise partner can benefit from the addition of a truck in multiple ways:

  • Additional sources of revenue: Whether used for catering opportunities, fundraisers, sporting events, or corporate events, the trucks can offer a significant revenue stream on top of store sales.
  • Enhanced margins and attractive ROI: The combination of low operating costs for the trucks and a relatively low investment to set them results in a quick payback period and high ROIs. Marketing/PR: Whether parked or on the move, the trucks serve as billboards for the brand. Stores report increased in-store sales right after the truck has been driven in the surrounding community.
  • Potential site selection: As the truck allows the business to expand beyond the immediate store radius, franchise partners might start identifying areas with strong demand that would justify developing another store.


Flippin’ Pizza’s operations are focused on our core product and simplified menu. Doing fewer things better means a streamlined operation, economic efficiencies and ultimately higher margins.

A Franchisor Run By Experienced Franchisees

As a franchisor, their business model is based on attracting, developing and retaining highly qualified franchise partners that will thrive, grow, prosper and spread the word with our concept. Flippin’ Pizza is a franchisor developed by franchisees with over 75 years of restaurant industry experience. Their past as a large, multi-unit franchisee of Taco Bell, Arby’s and Baja Fresh makes us a better franchisor by understanding the support and guidance our franchise partners need to be successful.

Training and Support

In addition to start-up support, Flippin’ Pizza offers ongoing support to ensure you offer their craveable pies and have the necessary tools to promote and sell them. Flippin’ Pizza continues to support franchisees throughout the life of their fast casual pizza franchise. Flippin’ Pizza Offers:

  • Site Selection Support
  • Architecture & Construction Assistance
  • Franchisee and Employee Training Programs
  • Administrative Support
  • Grand Opening and Local Store Marketing (LSM) Assistance
  • Purchasing & Distribution
  • Menu Research & Development

Franchise Opportunity & Criteria

Flippin’ Pizza makes a real, honest pie. They are looking for real, honest and talented multi-unit operators to help them expand the franchise across the US and in select global markets. Flippin’ Pizza is a high-energy, family-friendly concept with a fun name, but they are serious about the pizza business. Flippin’ is looking for motivated entrepreneurs who are dedicated to building a multi-unit business and achieving success in the multi-billion dollar pizza industry.

Ideal Candidate Attributes

  •  Restaurant experience
  • Interested in multi-unit development
  • High energy with passion for superior quality
  • Belief in community connections to drive and give back to the community

Territory Availability

Currently there are select domestic and select international locations available.


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