Country of origin: USA
Category: quick service chain
No. of stores: 140
Operational Countries: 12

Fatburger is an internationally acclaimed quick service chain of high quality, gourmet burgers.

Fatburger is famous for serving up burgers with purely lean beef. An NBC news investigation found that Fatburger had the leanest burgers of all hamburger chains in Los Angeles. Despite being named as Fatburger, burgers are actually pretty healthy as far as organic. Fatburger has been dedicated to serving big, fresh, lean beef burgers custom made and grilled right in front of customers. Not only for the burgers the flavor is dominating for steak fries, onion rings, the chili, condiments, and shakes which are made with real ice cream.


Having originated in the state of Los Angeles in the USA in 1952, the brand has expanded to more than 140 locations worldwide across Asia, Canada and the Middle East. The scene: In 1952 – just three years after the original McDonalds drive-in opened – Lovie Yancey opened her Mr. Fatburger restaurant in Los Angeles. Serving only made-to-order burgers instead of frozen patties, accompanied by blaring music from jukeboxes that would become associated with the eateries, the renamed Fatburger grew into an international chain. Thanks to its high profile original location in Beverly Hills, investors and franchise owners over the years have included celebrities such as Magic Johnson and Queen Latifah. The Beastie Boys even immortalized it in song as their favorite West Coast burger (along with White Castle for the East).

Today there are more than 140 Fatburger locations with about half in the United States, mostly in California (more than a dozen in the L.A. area alone) and the West, but stores are scattered across eight states as varied as Hawaii, Md., and N.J. There are 31 more in Canada, and locations in ten other countries, from China to Afghanistan. All still focus on fresh-made burgers, freshly fried potatoes and onion rings, thick hand-scooped shakes, and music, which has become iconic of the chain to the point where one of the eight core values listed on the website.


ü  Strong brand recognition and growing success story: Armed with a five decade strong legacy of originality, the brand has received numerous global accolades, having been voted the ‘Best Burger’ in Beijing, Dubai, Jakarta, Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the past.  Internationally, Fatburger has expanded to Asia, Canada and Middle East with more than 140 locations worldwide. It has also become a familiar presence in Pakistan, with outlets in Karachi and Lahore and is in the process of expanding four more outlets in Islamabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Jhelum

ü  FatBurger unique value proposition: quality premium, all menu items are freshly prepared, sourced from non-frozen raw materials and cooked using only the most hygienic and high quality ingredients. Instead of procuring ready frozen meat patties, raw beef is processed in to meat patties as per proprietary specifications, which ensures that use of preservatives are minimized and burger patties are juicier. All products are cooked-to-order, prepared live in front of patrons, which is something almost all other fast food retailers avoid. Product differentiation and value addition over the ‘no-frills’ standard burger segment has allowed Fatburger to charge a premium on its menus and combos

ü  Co-branding with BUFFALO CAFÉ & RESTAURANTS: Co-branding with Buffalo’s Cafe is a global practice adopted by Fatburger as part of its brand promotion activities. Buffalo’s Cafe’s meal preparation practices are similar to Fatburger as buffalo wings are prepared from fresh chicken rather than cold stored meat and cooked using the highest quality ingredients. Co-branding between Fatburger and Buffalo’s Café heralds great potential for Fatburger’s marketing prospects. Not only do burgers and chicken wings make an ideal combination, the co-branding arrangement offers consumers with two complimentary restaurants, both enjoying great brand equity and serving different customer demographics under one roof

ü  Sound Management: An experienced team has been running the business for the last two years in            Pakistan. The management focuses on cleanliness, hospitality, maintenance, product quality and                speed of service. The new investor(s) can benefit from the depth of industry experience   garnered by the current management

FatBurger’s geographical presence in Pakistan
City Outlets Status
Karachi 1 Operational
Lahore 1 Operational
Islamabad 1 Operational
Lahore -DHA 1 Operational/FITOUT
Karachi 2 Planned
Peshawar 1 Planned






Bil Foods Limited

Fatburger was introduced to Pakistan in January 2013 by BIL Foods, through the launch of its first outlet in Karachi’s prestigious Dolmen Mall. This was followed by opening of the flagship store in Lahore in June 2013, which remains the largest Fatburger outlet in the world. BIL Foods Limited, a public limited company incorporated in Pakistan and a subsidiary of BIL Investments Ltd, UAE , which has launched the “Fatburger” franchise in Pakistan.

The chain employs 150 people in the two outlets , this is followed by opening  in Islamabad in July 2014 and work is underway with opening of another two stores in Lahore and Karachi .

BIL has also signed up Master Franchise agreement for Buffalo Café & Restaurant in January 2014  with mandate of opening up 6-10 stores in 3 years – Established in 1985, Buffalo Café is an old US south west cuisine casual dine in concept , popular with hip and trendy along with network of more than 50 stores worldwide. And, named after their flagship Buffalo wings, Buffalo’s is an American casual dining family themed restaurant chain that now boasts presence throughout the West and South Eastern USA, the Middle East and North Africa.

BILF intends to apply this mechanism at its existing Lahore outlet, the upcoming Islamabad outlet as well as all future planned outlets. BIL is a Public Limited Company with equity base of more than USD 4million , having offices in Lahore and Karachi and staff of more than 300 (stores and Headoffices ) , operated by FnB experienced professionals from range of experience of multinational food chains (Pizza Hut , KFC and Mcdonalds) ..The company boast itself as Operationally robust and financially sound with key banking partners and fast developing network presence in the country.

Franchise Fee & information: upon application


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