Country of origin: Shanghai
Founded: 2011
Segment: Fast Casual/QSR Better Burgers
Headquarters: Shanghai
Units Open: 8
Units in Development: 56

Meeting the market demand for fresh,Cali-Style made-to-Order Burgers…worldwide

Caliburger was established in 2011 by a passionate group of entrepreneurs from California who set out to create the ultimate burger business. As if that wasn’t a challenge enough, we took to shanghai, china to conceptualize, that if we can build success in the far east, we can do it anywhere.

Caliburger is poised to fill a significant demand for California style burgers around the globe, a style of burger that was first made famous by one of the most successful fast food chains in the united states “Like In-N-Out, Caliburger’s brand identity is based on serving quality ingredients.

Caliburger has improved upon the better burger formula of the fast food icons like In-N-Out Burgers and Five Guys Burgers & Fries, we connect with our customers with made-to-order, mouthwatering, premium beef burgers and hand cut fries, made with only the freshest ingredients, at a great value. And, unlike other better burger brands, CaliBurger is dignified to fill global demand in prime markets where consumers with ample disposable income are seeking higher quality burgers & fries.

Target Partners & Markets

Caliburger seeks to partner with experienced multi-unit operators with sufficient capital to build out large, multi-unit territories, significant opportunity exists in prime real estate markets, including many that are currently underserved by the better burger segment.


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