Country of Origin:  Italy
In Business Since: 1870
Franchising Since: 2007
Total No. of Global Locations:  55

Cafè Barbera is the perfect combination of coffee house and fast, casual dining with great healthy food and beverages, fresh daily. Cafe Barbera is a world renowned coffee brand and the oldest coffee company in Europe. They pride themselves on a 145 year heritage and source premium authentic Italian roasted coffee beans. Today they have a devoted fan following from coffee addicts who want the real Italian deal.

With centuries of knowledge and passion, Barbera’s coffee roasters produce the finest coffee, serving aromatic brews and complimented with fresher, tastier, healthier menu and consistent quality that remain unchanged to date. Cafè Barbera features a wide variety of hot and cold espresso, macchiato, cappucino and latte drinks, as well as specialty coffees with flavorful syrups, sauces, chilled foam and fancy toppings.

The tradition of the Cafe Barbera has successfully attracted more business growth and has strengthened its brand presence over the years. To date, there are now more than 53 Cafe Barbera franchisees spread out across various strategic locations with more to open in the next few months, further reinforcing the brand’s position as one of the leading coffee shops in the world.

The Café Barbera franchises are the expression of extensive experience in true coffee perfection with its rich a healthy fresh menu that attracts customers from around the world. The interior of the cafes also represent their long history and offers a traditional and relaxed coffee house atmosphere.


For centuries coffee has provided inspiration, warmth, energy, clarity, contemplation and a chance to savor and share “the good life” for all those whose enjoyed its robust flavors and rich aromas. It wasn’t until 1870, in Southern Italy, that true coffee perfection – Cafè Barbera® – was created by Domenico Barbera, when he opened first coffee house and served fresh coffee roasted daily with passion and dedication.

With headquarters in Italy, Dubai and Clearwater, the tradition of the Cafè Barbera has been carried on by five generations of the Barbera family.


They are committed to provide at each and every Cafè Barbera:

  • A great setting in a clean and comfortable atmosphere
  • Great food and beverages, healthy and fresh daily
  • Great service, friendly, enthusiastic and passionate about Italian coffee!
  • A great combination of coffee house and fast casual dining
    Guests are the reason for being
  • Guests deserve the best
  • People are the greatest asset
  • Cafe Barbera is and shall always be good corporate citizens

The Cafè Barbera Franchise Offers:

  • A world renowned coffee brand
  • An unbeatable product
  • Excellent corporate support & training
  • Supply Chain Support
  • On-going product development
  • Comprehensive Marketing support
  • Excellent corporate support and training.


Cafè Barbera provides extensive initial training with a 5 days Owner Certification Training at one of the headquarters, plus an extensive 10 days in store training over Store Operations, Production, Merchandising, Promotions, Accounting Procedures, Store and Personnel Management at franchisee location. Additionally Cafe Barbera provides ongoing training, ongoing support and periodical visit as deemed needed.

Franchise Fee:

Upon Application


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