Country Of origin: Canada
Founded: 2007
Segment: Fast Casual
Units operational: 02
Units in development: 20
Developing: Worldwide

Portuguese Heritage Meets Canadian Standards!

Betty is a Portuguese food visionary from Toronto, Canada. In 2010, she purchased the Best Portuguese Chicken restaurant (which was established in 2007) with a dream to combine Portuguese cuisine and stringent Canadian food industry standards. Her dream has quickly become a profitable reality. Betty’s family – originally from Lisbon, Portugal – has perfected the art of seasoning and cooking Portuguese chicken. BPC unites the flavours of Portuguese seasoning with the impeccable quality of fine grown Canadian chicken. In a very short time, the large city of Toronto has taken notice: BPC is the best Portuguese Chicken option available, says the Toronto Star. Whether you prefer a succulent rotisserie chicken melded with authentic Portuguese spices or mouth-watering churrasco grilled to perfection, BPC is a deliciously satisfying eating experience.

Chicken consumption is soaring!

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the export of chickens has increased substantially in recent years. Quite simply, the world is consuming more chicken than ever before. In fact, “Asia consumes 40% of the world’s chicken” says a 2010 study conducted by And, a study posted in The Washington Post, July 2014, claims that chicken is on pace to become the world’s most popular meat by the year 2020, passing pork.

Best Portuguese Chicken is already accomplished in a world-class, multicultural city like Toronto, where thousands of other restaurants attempt to compete for patrons. The authentic flavours of Portugal as prepared by the Best Portuguese Chicken restaurant chain can become a local hot spot for hungry members of your community too.

What makes us Best Portuguese Chicken?

Our special marination process requires 24-hour aging time. Sounds like a long process, right? But we think ahead, which is why when you walk into a BPC location – or order take-out – your chicken will be ready to eat as quickly as the food at any comparably priced fast food chain! We use quality grown chickens and cook with olive oil to ensure a healthy, tasty food fix. You may choose between our frango nu espeto (chicken rotisserie) or frango churrasco (charcoal chicken). The customer may prefer a juicy succulent rotisserie style or the smokey flavouring of churrasco; either way, BPC will satisfy! Best Portuguese Chicken specializes in chicken, but we serve plenty other mouth-watering Portuguese cuisine dishes. Our menu includes roast beef, fried fish, vegetables, rice, sandwiches and traditional desserts, all flavoured with authentic recipes from the old country.

Franchise Support

If you’re considering becoming a franchisee, you want to know that you will be supported by the head office, ensuring your business opportunity is as low risk/high reward as possible. Best Portuguese Chicken is not merely good food. From a franchising perspective, we’re good business. We work with our franchisees to achieve seamless transition from new-to-established, successful chicken restaurant owner in an opportune market. BPC Provide vast support in the following areas:

  • Supply Chain
  • Training
  • Marketing
  • Outlet Designing
  • Scheduled Visits
  • Site selection
  • Operational Manuals

Franchise Opportunity

BPC™ is currently looking to expand in both domestic and international markets.


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