Country of Origin:Turkey
Operational Countries: 2
No. of Outlets: 3
Under development: 8

Our Story

Babagoosh was a famous chef in 14th Century Constantinople, Turkey. Babagoosh with his savoury recipes made way to the king’s heart and he was made the Grand Chef of Top Kapi Palace. He served the royalty with Traditional Turkish cuisine for 60 long years. After Babagoosh no one could come close to replace or copy his recipes to perfection. The untold story of Babagoosh is the secret behind our scrumptious menu, we take pride in recreating these 700 years old recipes at “BabaGoosh Doner Kebab”

At BabaGoosh Doner Kebab, we are bringing you the Festive Turkish Dinning Tradition from the 14th Century with its Original & Authentic Recipes, once enjoyed only by Royalty at Top Kapi Palace in Constantinople. Doner Kebab is a conventional Turkish delicacy cooked over a vertical rotisserie, usually made of beef & chicken, at Babagoosh we are also offering more with our Veggie Doner, called Falafel, delicious sides and drinks.

In Pakistan BabaGoosh had overwhelming response from customers with a successful store operational in Islamabad, BabaGoosh Doner Kebab has 02 more stores under development in Lahore & Islamabad. BabaGoosh has the vision to develop its store network in Pakistan through owned and sub-franchised stores.

Why own a BabaGoosh Franchise?

  • High Earnings & Affordable prices BabaGoosh Franchise offers a very high earning potential, based on our unique food experience and affordable prices we have a strong competitive edge on our competitors. Our efficient supply chain system gives us high profit margins and high returns on investment.
  • Realistic Costs Your total initial investment will depend on many factors including location, rent, outlet size and equipment. BabaGoosh Doner Kebab will work with our Franchisees so as to provide you minimum costings for fit out & equipment.
  • Growth Potential You will become part of a successful and recognized brand, in the rapidly expanding Doner Kebab/Turkish restaurant market in Pakistan. Our unique selling point of Authentic Doner Kebabs and a varied range of other food options, including sides and drinks.
  • Independence Each Franchisee of BabaGoosh brand operates as a separate, independent business. You become your own boss but you benefit from our extensive experience and skill in all aspects of the business system and brand.
  • Store Recognition and Sales You will immediately receive store recognition being part of a successful and recognized brand, in the rapidly expanding Doner Kebab / Turkish Restaurant market.

Comprehensive Training& store Management

Each Franchisee and its staff members will receive an extensive 2 week training session on-site at one of the company owned stores. The training covers all aspects of operating and managing a BabaGoosh Doner Kebab franchise outlet. The training programme’s objective is to develop an in-depth understanding of the concepts, practices and policies of all functions necessary to successfully operate and manage a BabaGoosh Doner Kebab franchise outlet.

Detailed Operations Manuals

Each Franchisee receives an operations manual to guide you in all aspects of your business. You will also be provided with a food safety manual and a health & safety manual along with a number of other in-house training manuals.

Property Sourcing and Negotiation

The BabaGoosh Doner Kebab will assist our prospective Franchisees in sourcing units in desired locations within the agreed territory. However part of the franchisee selection criteria will be the Franchisee’s ability and or expertise through their current and / or previous business experience in developing and expanding a brand or business.


Each Franchisee will benefit from a centralized marketing strategy as set out in the terms of the franchise agreement. The basis of which is to increase the brand and store recognition in the agreed region or territory. The marketing budget agreed will enable advertising on broadcast and print media, engendering brand awareness and loyalty.

Ongoing Support

After the initial training program, you may call on us for support and information. Ongoing help is available from our experienced BabaGoosh Doner Kebab team as per the terms set out in the franchise agreement.

Sharing of Information and Ideas

You will always have the opportunity to suggest and share your ideas as well as sharing information relevant to operational improvements within BabaGoosh Doner Kebab concept. The BabaGoosh as a brand encourage communication and are happy to review ideas and suggestions that may help develop and expand the brand using local expertise and cultural tastes.

Our Commitment to You

The BabaGoosh Doner Kebab wants you to succeed and share in the rewards that come from being part of The BabaGoosh Doner Kebab brand. From the time we receive and accept you as a prospective Franchisee, and throughout our business relationship, we are dedicated and committed to helping you succeed.

The BabaGoosh Doner Kebab is 100% committed to making your new venture a success.

Investment required:USD 150K

International license fees: upon Application


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