Country of Origin:Lebanon
Operational Countries: 4
No. of Outlets: 28
Expansion PlanPakistan

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. The Lebanese cuisine is extremely rich in flavors and colors and yet often offers recipes easy to prepare and suitable for a healthy diet.

Since 1949, Arax Restaurants have been known popular due to excellent offerings, values, an original and evolving menu, elegant casual setting with efficient and quick services. Started with “falafel” a healthy item renowned worldwide, the menu consists of Lebanese and Mediterranean items that are unique to Arax Restaurants and prepared daily by using proprietary recipes with high fresh quality ingredients and products of superior quality.

In the past 60 years, Arax has become a household name in Lebanon and clearly associated with Arax falafel. After gaining the trust and customer loyalty, Arax Falafel extended its menu to Armenian sandwiches, sausages & Basterma, Submarines, the Shawarma both meat and chicken, grilled meat and chicken known as Mashawi, a wide variety of Lebanese savories, fool, hummus, appetizers, beverages and juices. Our experienced team and chefs have a vast restaurant experience and we know what the customers expect, so we serve a generous meal at reasonable price.

At Arax Restaurants menu engineering continues today after four generations, and today Arax restaurants are worldwide ( Lebanon , Jordan, Canada and soon in USA) following the Franchising methodology combined with a well structured and efficient franchise program which opens the doors for other individuals wishing to join the franchise network and become members of this successful Heybelian family story which began 60 years ago.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Superb Recipes
  • Excellent Quality
  • Original Lebanese Falafel with secret spices
  • Supporting merchandise items that support the company’s brand building
  • User friendly Operations
  • Interior design and décor
  • Our innovative food will be more entertaining than our competitors


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