Doner Kebab aims to bring world’s best German Donor Kebab to Pakistan

Doner Kebab is a dynamic food brand which opened its first store in Berlin in 1988. After spending years in perfecting its recipes Doner Kebab opened its franchise stores across UAE. Following the success of its franchise stores Doner Kebab has recently signed a master franchise agreement in Pakistan.

In contrast to the traditional unhealthy image of fast food, Doner Kebab offers a very healthy gourmet food experience of grilled meat and fresh salads, combined with fresh bread and sauces free from all preservatives and additives.

The Doner Kebab unique ‘fusion’ concept uses only 100% veal and pure chicken fillets (100% Halal) together with locally produced fresh vegetables prepared on a daily basis and special ‘Doner Kebab’ bread. Its unmatched flavour is derived using a combination of original Doner meat and chicken blended with three original sauces. The recipes for both the spices and sauces remain a closely guarded company secret.

The company is now poised to fulfil its ambitious expansion plans throughout the GCC and beyond.

A spokesperson for Doner Kebab said ‘Such has been the overwhelming demand for our exclusive business concept that we now have agreements in place for in excess of 200 store openings across the GCC and Pakistan. We will be announcing details of our master licence agreements in the near future’. In Pakistan Doner Kebab’s flagship store is under construction in Lahore with more stores planned in other major cities.

All Doner Kebab stores have the support of the world’s largest Doner Kebab production operation “Kaplan Doner” based in Germany together with its unrivalled industry knowledge acquired through decades of experience. Since the launch of the brand in Berlin in 1989, Doner Kebab has been committed to perfecting its unique blend of traditional spices and innovative cooking processes that go into producing its healthy alternative Doner Kebabs.

“For information about Doner Kebab franchise opportunities in Pakistan email us at or visit Doner Kebab profile on